Thrive Pilates Coffs Harbour

Our Studio isn’t far from the Plaza, with plenty of parking making it the perfect place to get your daily Pilates fix!

We offer over 50 classes on our timetable every week – ranging from Reformer Pilates, Matwork Pilates, Barre, Thrive Ride, Strength & Cardio and Yoga. All classes are pregnancy and post-pregnancy safe and we’re able to manage most injuries and niggles in all classes, we would love for you to join our #coffsthrivefamily

We want everyone who walks through the door to feel strong & supported throughout their classes. And to leave with a smile on their face, knowing they just smashed a killer workout.

There are so many types of pilates out there these days – traditional, high intensity, clinical. We have taken the fundamentals of this incredible modality and added the Thrive twist to it to get the heartrate up & those muscles shaking!

We have recently rebranded and our Coffs Harbour Studio has been open for 5 years, where we aim to provide you with space in your day to *exhale*