About Us

The Founders – Thrive Pilates – Coffs Harbour & Grafton

We are Paul & Nicole.

Founders of Thrive Pilates – Coffs Harbour & Grafton

We have been living on the Coffs Coast for since November 2016, having moved down from Brisbane to open the Studio 3 months later.

Making the seachange from the busyness of the city, to the soak up the beach lifestyle has been a dream come true for us a family.

Paul’s 2 daughters still live in Brisbane & we are lucky enough to have them visit often. Connor is heading into Year 7 and is a regular in the Studio, welcoming the members into class.

Thrive has been the most amazing journey for us – moving through a partnership and franchise model to just us. It has been an absolute dream come true to work together and build something as special as these Studios.

Nicole has been living her dream of teaching / helping people fall in love with exercise for 10 years.

After going through her own weightloss / mindset journey, she set about to help other women do the same.

Completing her Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness, as well as her Pilates & Barre quals while living in Brisbane, she went from ‘admin chic’ to Studio Manager to Studio owner within 3 years and has not looked back.

Adding to her growing list of qualifications, she has gone on to complete a Diploma in Wellbeing Coaching for Women & Clinical Nutrition Consultant plus her NLP Practitioner certification.


Fave drink: coffee

Fave animal: cats

Fave exercise to teach: LUNGES all day, everyday

Fave class to participate in at Thrive: Reformer

Best Holiday: Relaxing in Bali

Paul comes from a banking and government background and only tried Reformer Pilates 6 months prior to opening the Studio!

Moving from Brisbane to the Coffs Coast was the lifestyle change Paul had always dreamed of. The flexibility to squeeze in a fishing trip around teaching classes is high on his favourite things list!

Add to that the camping trips and the fact he’s not stuck in a cubicle everyday, means he is absolutely living the dream.

Paul looks after the behind the scenes operations at Thrive, but you’ll often find him sitting at the Reception desk, keen for a chat!


Fave drink: Coffee

Fave animal: Flamingos

Fave exercise to teach: nut cracker

Fave class to participate in at Thrive: Matwork

Best Holiday: Seeing the Dallas Cowboys in the Thanksgiving NFL Game