Three Week Program In Coffs Harbour

Our amazing Three Week Introductory Program is a great way to get to know us and gives you access to one Reformer class per day plus unlimited Matwork, Barre, Strength and Cardio and Yoga classes PLUS access to our private Facebook Forum for only $83.


I’ve never done classes like this before, will I be fine in any class?

You will be guided through the class by an amazing & qualified instructor who will provide options for each exercise. We do offer dynamic and fast-paced classes with aim to get your muscles shaking & your heart rate up!

I have a niggly shoulder / back / knee – will I be ok? 

We do ask that you let us know prior to entering the Studio if you have anything going on. PLEASE ensure you let your instructor know at the start of each class what is going on. We need to know to provide the best modifications for you to get the most out of your classes. 

What if I have done the Three Week Program before / attended the Studio in the past?

We do only offer the Three Week Program once per person, so please email us ([email protected]) and we can help you get started back in class!

Can you give me a description of each class?

  • Reformer – pilates on the resistance machine. Great for building strength, toning and shaping muscles
  • Matwork – pilates on the floor. Amazing for core and balance
  • Barre – a faster paced class targeting the legs and butt. We always mix things up with some upper body and core work, but these classes are awesome for toning up the lower body and getting the heart rate up! 
  • Yoga – all of our yoga classes are restorative and a beautiful balance to the other classes we offer.
  • Strength & Cardio – normally 30 exercises in 30 minutes, fast paced, similar to a HiiT class.

The cool thing is that every class is different – we aim to provide an amazing total body workout every time you come to the Studio and you’ll never get bored doing repetitive class plans. 

How big are your classes? 

We have 14 Reformer machines

We offer space for 20 people to join our Matwork, Barre, Strength & Cardio and Yoga classes

Is it really only $83?

YEP! This offer is a once-off introductory experience allowing you to try the classes you want to try and see what works with your schedule. We have a range of membership options available for after your 21 Day Program, but for now, we encourage you to jump in and give it a go! 

★ Please note that you must book your classes and our classes sometimes get super busy. We have a waitlist facility in place however, classes do book out. You are able to book your whole Three Week Program in advance so the earlier you enrol in the program, the earlier you can start booking your classes! 

You must be 18+ to attend the Studio due to insurance criteria

If you have any questions, please send us an email – [email protected]