A little bit about Nicole…

Let’s rewind a bit…  

At my son’s first birthday party, I was heavier than the day I had him. I had to borrow top – a top that was the biggest size I have ever worn – and it was too tight. I had zero core strength, I had to use a chair / couch to go from sitting on the floor with him to standing because my body lacked any kind of strength. I filled my body with shit food – if my son didn’t sleep, I ate chocolate and drank XL sugary coffees to bolster my energy throughout the day. If he did sleep, I ate chocolate and drank XL sugary drinks as a reward.  I was deeply unhappy with the way I looked, felt, moved and thought about myself.  

I saw a quote on Instagram that said ‘if nothing changes, nothing changes’ and it was like a lightbulb going off in my head. If I kept going like this: making these choices, eating like this, thinking these thoughts, NOTHING. WOULD. EVER. CHANGE.  And I didn’t want to live like this. I was living in oversized jumpers and scarves, trying to hide my body. I didn’t want to sit on the sidelines and watch my son play at the park / beach and not have the energy to be with him.  

And so, I joined the gym. And for 6 months, my membership sat, unused. My husband called me one day at work and said ‘either cancel it or use it – we’re wasting money’, and you know what I did? I called and tried to cancel – but I was in contract, so I couldn’t.  I made the decision to head to a class the next day – and honestly? I hated it while I was there, but I felt amazing afterwards.

It took me a while to find a groove with the classes, but I ended up falling in love with the process – the sweaty classes, fumbling my way through the movement, simply letting go and trusting the flow of it all.  Once I was attending regular classes, I decided to step up my game and started seeing a PT. By the end of the 6 months, I was doing 3 sessions a fortnight with her plus multiple classes. I started to lose weight but I wasn’t feeling strong.

I wasn’t eating the right food – I was just eating LESS food than I was before.  So I went to a nutritionist and started eating the right food for my body & ended up losing over 20kgs.  

Once I started to *look* better, I felt ready to tackle my inner dialogue. I knew that the physical was only part of it… no matter how much weight I lost, I was still feeling so trapped by what was inside my head.  Limiting beliefs about my body, my life… everything really. I knew I wasn’t being truly me – I was staying small and not saying what needed to be said.  

I worked with healers, meditation teachers, NLP practitioners… you name it, I did it!  I pushed myself – my limits – my comfort zone – my relationship. I changed everything about myself and my life, one step at a time.  And I’m excited to share that with you. So that you can stop going through the motions and instead start to show up BIG for your life. To bring the magic.  

To THRIVE, all day, everyday.